Our Story

The BigDog Mower Co. was started in 2009 with the simple goal of making great mowers. So, we assembled an experienced and enthusiastic team that believed in our vision and shared a collective passion for quality.

It doesn’t hurt that we also love everything from backyard cookouts and playing catch, to soaking up the sun with our four-legged family members. A great mower helps create the space to enjoy all these things, and that’s how a BigDog makes a home.

BigDog mowers are designed and built by our dedicated team in Kansas. We love making great products and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Enjoying the backyard is about as American as apple pie, and lawn mowers help make this possible. Don’t you just love the smell and look of fresh cut grass? We are proud to be part of this great American tradition.

Quality over quantity. From the mower design, to the materials and components we select, to the care throughout our production process, we craft our mowers as best we can, just as if we were making them for ourselves… which we sometimes do!

Our New Zealand Distributor

Stevens Outdoor Power Equipment has been the New Zealand distributor for BigDog Mowers since 2012. A well-established, third generation family business — operating from a modern, purpose-built Auckland facility — SOPE’s in-house R&D department and multi-generational engineering background allows then to tailor international products for peak performance in New Zealand’s conditions. Many ideas developed in Stevens' prototyping facility have been adopted by BigDog itself, including the tilting deck concept at the heart of the game changing BigDog BlackJack mid-mount mower.

Spare parts and technical back-up for equipment sold is a high priority in Stevens' culture. The business has been built on this strength as many customers are commercial users, to whom time is money. For this reason Stevens sells through a national network of outlets who are trained to provide service back-up and, in many instances, carry a wide range of spare-parts in store.

SOPE is also the exclusive importer and distributor for Hustler Mowers, Walker Mowers, and Bear Cat Chippers.

Stevens purpose-built factory is situated on 1.5 acres near Auckland Airport.

Purpose-built mowing field and hill used for R&D, testing, training and demonstration.

Stevens parts and technical office has two full-time and two part-time technicians.